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Whack Your Ex

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Whack Your Ex is a very interesting game that describes the life situation of each of us. I am sure that many of you got into a similar situation. Let's just imagine a situation, you spend a day and night at work trying to get a promotion that will raise your salary, trying hard to get certain status in life and have set a goal. But suddenly something in your life goes not according to plan, you go back home and meet beautiful sweet girl on your way who smiles at you and it changes your world. You want to talk to her about everything. You smile at her and then offer to go and have a cup of hot coffee in the cold winter weather. You talk for hours and everything goes well so that you gain sympathy. But now you have to go sleep because tomorrow again to work. In the morning you wake up happily going to work with only one thought: “when will I get free to meet her again”. So goes every day, you live one idea: to see her as soon as possible. So you've spent a long time together, lost interest both to each other. Something that was maddening you earlier, begins to annoy and irritate you now. You try to spend more time working because all the fuss of vital relationships gets you angry. You want to break away from everything and go back to the old problem-free life where you had only job, where you could spend time with friends and enjoy life. Game Whack Your Ex is designed on the basis of two loving but at the same time broken hearts. So, THEY WERE THE BEST PAIR. But at one unremarkable day, a black cat ran between them and lovers quarreled strongly by speaking about each other a lot of nasty things. The old feelings have disappeared and now the hate is the only thing that lives in the hearts of these people. In this series a couple of crazy family members are killing each other for different reasons. The reason depends on your choice. The former man and woman give each other gifts. And then test them. Funny, but at the same time bloody game. Your task is to take revenge on a former boyfriend or girlfriend as gracefully as possible! The game has just a lot of different ways to do this as epic as possible. Use all of the items. Each of us has his own unsuccessful history of love, so have look what kind of end your love might have had.

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